Metalsmith works with all the tools and data formats you already know and use: NodeJS, npm, markdown, json, yaml and the templating language of your choice.


Metalsmith translates a directory tree to plain Javascript objects that you can manipulate effortlessly with your selection of plugins.


You shouldn't have to bend your project needs to a specific framework or tool. Metalsmith gives you full control of how you want to conceptualize, structure and build your project.


Use Metalsmith to generate anything from a static site, to a scaffolder, backup, command-line, or deploy tool. Configuration over code or code over configuration: Metalsmith supports both.

Install it

npm install metalsmith
yarn add metalsmith
pnpm add metalsmith

Or use a starter

Get the feel of it

You want to build a website or blog with a static site generator. Well, here is our elevator pitch. It’s as easy as that:

const Metalsmith  = require('metalsmith');
const collections = require('@metalsmith/collections');
const layouts     = require('@metalsmith/layouts');
const markdown    = require('@metalsmith/markdown');
const permalinks  = require('@metalsmith/permalinks');

Metalsmith(__dirname)         // __dirname defined by node.js:
                              // name of the directory of this file
  .metadata({                 // add any variable you want
                              // use them in layout-files
    sitename: "My Static Site & Blog",
    siteurl: "",
    description: "It's about saying »Hello« to the world.",
    generatorname: "Metalsmith",
    generatorurl: ""
  .source('./src')            // source directory
  .destination('./build')     // destination directory
  .clean(true)                // clean destination before
  .use(collections({          // group all blog posts by internally
    posts: 'posts/*.md'       // adding key 'collections':'posts'
  }))                         // use `collections.posts` in layouts
  .use(markdown())            // transpile all md into html
  .use(permalinks({           // change URLs to permalink URLs
    relative: false           // put css only in /css
  .use(layouts())             // wrap layouts around html
  .build(function(err) {      // build process
    if (err) throw err;       // error handling is required

The package exposes both a JavaScript API, and a CLI if you prefer. To see how they’re used check out the examples or the walkthrough.

You can follow along with a detailed walkthrough or have a go with a very minimal example:

git clone
cd metalsmith/examples/static-site
npm install
npm start

Build anything

We mainly refer to Metalsmith as a “static site generator”, but it’s a lot more than that. Since everything is a plugin, the core library is just an abstraction for manipulating a directory of files.

Which means you could just as easily use it to make…

Deploy anywhere

Metalsmith builds are static folders. They can be compressed, archived, deployed to a CDN, Netlify, Github Pages, Gitlab Pages, SFTP’d to a shared host, or SSH’d to a custom server.


Built with Metalsmith

Use a starter

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