Metalsmith 2.6 released

Power to the metalsmith CLI, new method & metalsmith.matter member.

Core plugin updates, new docs and a homepage revamp

Dual ESM/CJS bundling, Typescript support and centralized metalsmith.debug logging for core plugins. New and more extensive docs are being written and the homepage body got a full revamp featuring a starters and showcase section.

Metalsmith 2.5 released

New metalsmith.env & metalsmith.debug methods. All methods now return promises, and a lot of outdated dependencies have been dropped.

Ecosystem updates 2022 Q1

Metalsmith has seen steady growth, new core & community plugins, new starter repo's, and a new co-maintainer. The @metalsmith org migration is almost completely done and release 2.5 is approaching!

Metalsmith 2.4 released

A new metalsmith.match pattern-matching method, awaitable builds, advanced front-matter option and lots of bugfixes

Metalsmith is back!

After 5 years in maintenance-mode, Metalsmith.js has changed hands and is actively developed again. Core plugins moved to the Github & NPM metalsmith orgs, and a lot more changes.

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