Ecosystem updates 2022 Q1

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I planned the next post as the release announcement of Metalsmith 2.5, but some release features were tougher than I antipicated. I'm almost there though, so bear with me. In the meantime, I'm bringing you an overview of the tons of other updates in the first 4 months of 2022 in the metalsmith ecosystem.

Metalsmith is growing

First off, metalsmith has been seeing some steady growth on NPM: the 2.4.x releases have been installed 4x as much in 4 months as the last stable release had in 6 years!

metalsmith on NPM
NPM stats on 2022, May 18th

New plugins

3 revamped/ new core plugins:

14 community plugins by emmercm were also updated and added to the plugin registry.

New metalsmith starter repo's

Werner Glinka has become co-maintainer for some parts of the metalsmith core repositories (website, plugin registry, remove plugin, more to come). He is a long-time metalsmith (professional) user and has contributed a lot in the way of exchanging ideas, reviewing and creating metalsmith starters:

Website updates

Last but not least: Metalsmith 2.5 should be ready for the end of May, and the new docs will soon replace the front-page docs :)

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